Caprice Cake


hello, i am Sasha.

i study Spanish and Russian. i’m spending my summer living & working in Philadelphia, after which i’ll travel to Ulyanovsk, Russia to teach English for a year.

i write about my life and the questions, stories, and reflections that come from it. please tell me what you think. i like that!


4 thoughts on “Caprice Cake

    1. “Only.” ha!

      Sign language is a “maybe someday” for me.
      I take it English is your native tongue?

      1. It is, yes. And yours too?
        I applaud people who have a natural talent for languages. Mine came with much struggle, and I’m still not fluent in any of them, even though I use ASL every day.

      2. Yes, I’m an English-speaker. I supose my talent for English is natural, speaking relative to other native English speakers. I don’t have any special knack for Spanish or Russian, though. I need a lot of work. (:

        I too do adore multilingual people, though! As if two languages weren’t enough.

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