The Little People’s Internet Legacies

RIP antisocialfatman, you were loved.

antisocialfatman is the YouTube moniker of a (Welsh?) man who made great-quality game reviews. I found him through his review of Half-Life, the game I’m currently struggling through. (Go easy on me, I’m playing it with a trackpad, no mouse.) Basically, I wanted to justify my decision to give up playing, so his review helped me understand what I’ll be missing out on. But more than that, it was a pleasure to watch, and he’s inspired me to write this post.

I don’t know his name, and the people who post “RIP antisocialfatman” on his channel don’t seem to know, either. The most recent epitaph was written just yesterday, even though he seems to have died about three years ago. Their commemoration is as sweet as it is intriguing, but it’s even more interesting that he’s remembered by his funny YouTube identity, not by his real name. What do his loved ones think of that?  Even if he coined the name with playful intentions, “antisocialfatman” generally bears a negative connotation, and now it’s written on his digital tombstone.

The Internet is full of real people, not just trolls, who have dozens of accounts under some pretty awful nicknames: cuntdestr0yer, deathtoallbieberfans, and all that jazz. Just imagine being remembered for your online presence under some awful username. People are fragile and finite, but how long will their old usernames linger? In all the years it will take for accounts to be erased and pages shut down, how will your little Internet legacy be preserved?

(As an aside, here is another Half-Life video that I watched. It’s a summary of the game’s story. The narrator is silly, maybe he’ll make you laugh! <3)


Shia LaBeouf.

Just a quick word:

Shia LaBeouf says he was raped by a woman during his #IAMSORRY performance. He is receiving heavy criticism for being raped, since the point of his performance was to remain passive while his audience did whatever they wanted to him. It’s also unclear as to whether or not he is lying for attention.

I want to address the people who are saying he gave this woman consent to rape him. Do you all understand that the accused woman could have given Shia a back rub or told him stories about her childhood or painted his toenails? But instead of these things, she (allegedly) chose to rape him.

So if we believe what Shia says, we’ve got two things going on here:

1. Shia LaBeouf is probably horrified and disgusted by having been raped, and

2. Shia LaBeouf is probably horrified and disgusted that he gave his audience the chance to do anything to him, including something nice (in the style of Amanda Palmer, for example), and instead he was raped.

Raped. If you don’t understand the horror of that word, you really shouldn’t bother anyone with your opinion about it.

You can criticize his performance art all you like, but I’m gonna have to say you can’t blame him for being raped. Maybe he was prepared for cruel words or a playful slap, but rape is on another level, and regardless of whether or not he’s a crazy asshole (no one seems to know for sure), I feel very sorry for what he (allegedly) experienced.

Whether or not he’s telling the whole truth, I absolutely believe that he is shaken by offering strangers the opportunity to hurt him, and accepting their abuse as they accepted the offer with zeal.