The dashboard melted, but we still had the radio!

Modest Mouse is a rock band from Washington state. They’re not quite one of my favorite bands, but they come pretty damn close.

Everyone’s musical taste has a story. Here is a timeline of my relationship with Modest Mouse.


  • Find “Good News for People Who Love Bad News” on ultra-clearance at the mall. Purchase with Christmas money.
  • Hoot and holler while jamming to “Float On” in my car.
  • Listen to “Ocean Breathes Salty” three times in a row. Feel exhilarated. Marvel at this song’s perfection.


  • Hang out with an old friend. Find out he loves Modest Mouse.
  • Jam with friend.
  • (even though the friend is a real MM fan and likes the songs that I don’t like too much)


  • Tell cynical college student that I like Modest Mouse.
  • Get told by said cynic, “You’re not angry enough to like Modest Mouse.”
  • (what does that even mean)

March… was like that period in a relationship where everything is smooth and nothing much happens.


  • Fall in love with a cool guy who also happens to dig MM.
  • Dance to “Sleepwalking” and “Dashboard” in his room.


  • Begin the lonely part of my summer.
  • Be consoled by listening to music. INCLUDING MM.


  • Lots of driving for summer travels. Modest Mouse CD comes everywhere with me.
  • (so i don’t have an iPod in my car, get over it)


  • Start hangin’ out with a summer coworker.
  • Bam, Modest Mouse comes on in his car.
  • DING DING DING this friendship is clearly destiny

There you have it. How Modest Mouse came into my life.

I’ve encountered many jams, as well as a few cringes when their songs get a little weird. More than that, the last three people I’ve really clicked with have all been MM fans. I guess a kickass rock band doesn’t have to be one of your favorites to be the soundtrack of a piece of our life.


ps- Three outta four of the songs I linked here have official music videos. I’ve never seen them until I linked to them here; I’m impressed! They’re great! Creative, without trying to be deep. I bed Isaac Brock had a lot of fun starring in them all. :)


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