Some Reflections on This Paper I’m Writing

I love lists. Here’s one for ya.

“Some Reflections on This Paper I’m Writing”

  1. Oh, that painful moment when you read aloud the strongest sentence in the whole paper — and it’s like five lines long. DIVIDED, WE FALL. ): I can’t bear to break up this sentence!
  2. Gee, that mental breakdown from earlier really put me on track. This paper is coming along fantastically!
  3. I’m only mentioning Heart of Darkness in passing, and I like like it is both famous enough to cancel the need to cite, yet also impressive enough that it demands some kind of direct quote…
  4. I panicked and told the nice lady that I can’t volunteer at the food pantry tomorrow. Then I sat down and actually got this essay done. I guess I can just casually show up and volunteer, anyway. Hopefully, she’ll give me the knowing “it’s-finals-week” smile.
  5. I could be watching Disney movies with a fun group of tipsy youth. Except I am at the crossfire of caring too much and not working efficiently enough, which means I’m not allowed to have fun.

This post is a mess. -shrug- This is my life now. Thanks for reading.

LOVE, capriciouscake